Diabetes and Dawn Phenomenon

Diabetes is a chronic, yet manageable medical condition. The goal is control of blood glucose ( blood sugar) levels so as to reduce the risk of complications. Although many factors can affect a glucose level ( diet, activity, stress, infection, to name a few), persons with diabetes (PWD) should be aware of a condition called “the Dawn Phenomenon” as a possible factor affecting morning blood sugar levels. The dawn phenomenon is a natural occurrence. It is an increase of hormones that occurs in the body, usually in the early hours of the morning ( 0200-0800 a.m.). These hormones may include growth hormones, cortisol, glucagon and epinephrine. In a person with diabetes , these hormones may affe

My early birthday gift from Twitter. Thank you!

What an exciting day! We posted our radio show and promoted it as usual on various social media platforms. My account picked up an enormous amount of traffic this evening. I went to the "trending section" and saw the following......we were tagged "top news story" under the current trending topic, "#WhatIdTell18YearOldMe". Thank you, Twitter, for the best birthday gift yet........#hint, hint.

Diabetic friendly shopping @ Costco

Diabetes is often a costly chronic disease to manage. Medications and special dietary restrictions can cost a lot of money. Therefore, I really enjoy finding healthy bargains to share with colleagues as well as my community. I was recently given the unique opportunity to spend the day at my local Costco to see how the members-only wholesale warehouse can provide nutritious, as well as cost effective items relevant to the diabetic population. I was quite impressed with the store and the variety of healthy options available. I visited the Costco store located at Clearwater Mall in Clearwater, Florida. I could tell immediately the visit would be worthwhile, as I observed lines of people heading

What not to ask...the diabetic population speaks up!

I was recently asked by a colleague "what not to ask a diabetic patient", meaning what questions were too invasive, too judgmental, too misinformed. Having taught many classes on diabetes self management education, it is amazing to hear the stories of what well meaning people asked persons with diabetes ( PWD)......in the interest of helping......that did just the opposite. For example, rest assured that you do not need to ask a diabetic person, "are you sure you should be eating that"? Chances are pretty good they know what they should/should not eat. Most likely, they have received basic education on healthy food choices. Most likely, they also know the ( possible) good/bad/ugly effects o

Testing one, two , three....

Welcome to the latest addition on my website, a health dedicated blog. I hope to bring you the latest information from the health care arena....but first, a link to this week's "The Health and Humor Show" podcast. Enjoy. The Health and Humor Show 07-05-15

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