Healthy Living around the Holidays: Tips to Manage your Diabetes

The holiday season is often met with mixed emotions. It is both a time to reflect on the year past, and a time to prepare for the one ahead. In addition to the usual increase in socializing and shopping, there is also a seemingly never-ending supply of holiday foods. The typical American reportedly gains upwards of 6-10 pounds over the holiday season, but there are simple measures you can take to minimize weight gain, stay healthy, and keep chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease under control. Enjoy both the holiday season and good health with some of these tips: * Preplanning. This is important to help you meet the food and health challenges of the holidays, and to stay in co

Healthy aging and diabetes

Health and wellbeing are the focus of healthy aging. “Good health” may be defined differently by individuals, but I think everyone would agree the goal is to “feel good, sleep well, eat well, and engage in meaningful activity’. Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean a decline in quality in life. With the right lifestyle behaviors, everyone should be able to enhance their quality of life. As we grow older, many of us develop one or more chronic diseases. A decrease in activity, a change in diet, and the natural progression of age related changes within our body all increase the risk of developing such chronic diseases as hypertension (high blood pressure) , diabetes, heart disease, and arthri

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