Diabetes Prevention Program

Prediabetes is a term used to describe persons who have a higher than normal blood sugar (but not high enough to confirm a diagnosis of diabetes. With respect to test results, a fasting blood sugar (glucose) level is normal if it is below 100mg/dl. Prediabetes is confirmed with fasting blood sugars between 100mg/dl and 125mg/dl; diabetes is confirmed with fasting blood sugars above 126mg/dl. Elevated (and untreated) blood sugar levels can affect overall health, increasing inflammation in the blood vessels, and raising the risk for heart disease and stroke, kidney disease and non-traumatic amputations. Persons at risk for diabetes should have be tested; knowledge is power and empowers the ind

Diabetes Self-Management: Organization is key

Diabetes is a chronic medical condition. This condition is manageable, and many people with diabetes live long, productive lives. Successfully managing a chronic health condition, though, takes time and effort. The following are some well-known tips that have proven to empower the person with diabetes. 1. Get organized. The world of diabetes is filled with medical supplies, medications, doctors’ appointments, and dietary modifications. Many persons with diabetes find these areas quite stressful, and time consuming. Organization is key to ensure that you are in control of your health condition. Create a master checklist/calendar of annual doctor appointments. Set aside a dedicated area in yo

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