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Healthy Joy Bakes Healthy Joy Bakes has developed a revolution in the diet industry with the creation of Omega Power Bread made with flaxseed. With the modern-day onset of specialty diets and weight loss fixes, carbohydrates are always considered the primary problem. Switching to a restricted diet is tough enough, but drastically minimizing bread portions or substituting bread for other foods makes it all the more difficult. Enter Omega Power Bread. With only 1 net carbohydrates per slice, you can have bread as you would regularly, without worrying about the repercussions of high sugar. Our mission is simple. To deliver a delicious, nutritious, quality low carb di

GlucoTrack- glucose monitoring showcase “…GlucoTrack is a truly non-invasive glucose monitoring device that provides a quantitative spot level of glucose in about a minute. The device contains 2 parts: Main Unit (MU) and ear clip. All you need to do is place the ear clip onto your earlobe to get the glucose reading. GlucoTrack uses three independent technologies, simultaneously: ultrasonic, electromagnetic and thermal; the three measurements are combined by a unique proprietary algorithm, which calculates the weighted average and returns the user’s glucose level”. “…GlucoTrack allows you to monitor your glucose level frequently, without finger pricking or any pain. Frequen

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