Diabetes and travel: Bon Voyage!

Summer will soon be here, and with it comes ample opportunity for vacation travel. Although vacations are ideally a time to rest, and relax, the truth is that most vacations can also bring changes in activity, meals and sleep patterns. For persons with diabetes, these changes can affect blood sugar levels. Fortunately, a little preplanning can minimize disruptions in your diabetic regimen, reducing the risk of diabetic complications. Medications Be sure and pack all needed medications (tablets, insulin syringes, glucose meter and lancets). Bring extra medications- in your carry-on luggage- and copies of your prescriptions, insurance card and medical emergency contact information. If at all

Diabetes and activity

Spring has arrived, and with it, abundant outdoor activities. Whether it be organized sports, leisure walks, long bike rides or more time at the gym, persons with diabetes should plan accordingly to avoid exercise induced alterations in their blood sugar (glucose) levels. Here some simple tips to keep your energy high and get the most out of these fun-filled days. Breakfast is important! You have most likely gone 7-9 hours without a meal. Breakfast will supply nutrition to fuel both your brain and body. It is also important to eat this meal, as many diabetic related medications depend on food intake to work properly. Skipping breakfast will put a person with diabetes at risk for hypoglycem

Diabetes and glucose monitoring

As of 2016, it was estimated that there are more than 29 million people Americans living with diabetes, and over 86 million living with prediabetes. The CDC estimates that nearly 25% of those with diabetes are not aware of it, and as many as 90% of those with prediabetes are not aware of their condition. Left undiagnosed (and thus untreated), diabetes/prediabetes can elevate a person’s risk of heart disease, stroke, and other chronic medical conditions (kidney disease, blindness, peripheral neuropathy and lower limb amputations). Opportunities for change in this chronic condition are emerging daily. Education in the control and prevention of diabetes/prediabetes is found everywhere. Whether

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