Nurse, author, public speaker,
Certified Diabetic Educator,
comic and radio host
Maureen Sullivan RN
About Maureen...
Maureen Sullivan has worked as a Registered Nurse for more years than she cares to count, most of them in emergency and
trauma services.  Her wealth of knowledge, passion for nursing and education, and her ability to engage people makes her an
excellent teacher and a captivating lecturer. She is a Certified Emergency Nurse, Certified Diabetic Educator, and the former
manager of a hospital stroke program.
During her career, Maureen has accumulated a wealth of stories. Some are funny, some are poignant, and most of them are
bizarre, but her Irish wit and "gift of gab" makes them all highly entertaining! She has been able to incorporate some of these
stories into her medical lectures and health presentations, as well as in her recently published
Maureen has recently been concentrating on writing, speaking, and teaching, as well as working on her radio show. She was
featured in the July 2012 issue of the
National Diabetes Educational Program Partner Spotlight, and also in the November 2012
issue of magazine. She writes courses for Pedagogy, an online provider of continuing education classes for healthcare
professionals and is on staff at
The Examiner where she writes health stories for the Tampa Bay Area. She has had articles
published in
Nurse Week, EMS World, and Advance for Nurses.
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