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Guest blog-Improve Diabetic Symptoms With Exercise

Improve Diabetic Symptoms With Exercise

For 29.1 million Americans, living with Type 2 diabetes is a balancing act they will have to perform for their entire lives. For millions more, the threat of developing adult onset diabetes is a strong motivator to make healthy lifestyle choices. Along with eating a nutritious diet and maintaining a healthy body type, getting regular exercise is an important facet of managing diabetes or preventing diabetes. Research has shown that even small changes in a person’s daily habits that lead to more exercise can significantly reduce the risk of developing diabetes, or improve symptoms for those who already have the disease.

If you’re living with Type 2 diabetes or concerned about preventing it, you don’t have to become a marathon runner overnight to live a healthier lifestyle. A simple exercise regimen that incorporates aerobic exercise, strength training and flexibility exercises can be easily incorporated into anyone’s daily schedule. Exercises that get your heart pumping such as bike riding, swimming or dancing can help boost your energy and burn calories. Strength training exercises such as using resistance bands or lifting weights can create muscle, which helps you burn calories even when you’re not moving. Finally, flexibility exercises such as yoga can help keep your body tuned for physical activity, reducing the risk of injury and relieving stress.

Even if you’re not at the gym or enjoying a brisk workout during your scheduled exercise time, there are numerous ways you can be more active during the day. These can include walking as much as possible; taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work; hobbies such as gardening or hiking; and wearing a fitness tracker for motivation. Living with or preventing Type 2 diabetes means being aware of how your lifestyle influences your health. Adding more exercise to your daily routine can be an important tool. The following guide details some of the exercises you can do to either improve your symptoms or help prevent Type 2 diabetes.

Author bio: Dr. Abhijit Shinde, Medical Director at Aayu Clinics, has a long history of experience in primary care, urgent care and ER. A graduate of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Dr. Shinde is invested in every patient’s health, whether he or she needs pediatric care, treatment for a mild fever, allergy treatments or more.

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