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For over a decade, Prescription Hope has made a large impact in the diabetic community on a national level. They work with over 180 U.S.-based pharmaceutical manufacturers to offer a formulary of over 1500 medications directly from patient assistance programs, and each is offered at a set price of $50 a month.

Prescription Hope offers the top 12 insulins and over 30 diabetic medications that are prescribed today.Prescription Hope is not an insurance product discount care or coupon program. It is for the insured, the under-insured and the uninsured individuals and qualification is based on household income guidelines.

For more information on Prescription Hope, please visit or contact one of their representatives at 1-877-296-HOPE (4673).

4 out of 5 Americans say that medication prices are unreasonable.

35 million Americans did not fill a prescription medication due to issues of high cost.

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