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Why Me? : My 8 year journey with hemifacial spasm.

Earlier this month, I released my 3rd book, "Why Me" detailing my personal 8 + year journey with a neurosurgical condition called hemifacial spasm. The book was truly a labor of love for me, detailing a very private journey through the healthcare arena AS A PATIENT. It has been a humbling journey, and I only hope that the book breaks down the many barriers to treatment that sufferers of hemifacial spasm face. The condition is currently listed as a rare disease, occuring in less than 8 out of every 100,000 persons.

Available in electronic form on Amazon Kindle ( and FREE to unlimited subscribers), I highly encourage the book be shared among ANYONE in healthcare ( patient and provider), especially those dealing with neurology & neurosurgical conditions. Every medical term has been defined in lay person terminology; thus, breaking down possible communication/ comprehension issues. All research has been listed with its respective website links for immediate review.

For now, may my journey lessen the pain, anxiety, frustration and doubt of those experiencing this condition firsthand. In addition, may this book educate my healthcare colleagues so that they may never stare oddly at a hemifacial spasm and misinterpret what is going on.

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