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DSMES: Patient empowerment through education!

DSMES classes (diabetes self management education and support) are an important part of the overall patient ( and family) plan of care.

After a confirmed diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, regardless of the underlying cause, all patients should be referred to a structured diabetes management program.  In doing so, you ensure that your patient gets the best opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage this chronic medical condition.

DSMES programs, often covered by insurance plans including Medicare (Medicare covers up to 10 hours of diabetes education for people diagnosed in the past year), offer the person with diabetes the practical skills, knowledge and insights to address all avenues of diabetes. In doing so, they gain self-confidence, lower risk factors and complications, reduce hospitalizations, and improve the quality of their life. 

Referrals to DSMES should take place at the time of diagnosis, when new health concerns arise, and any time life changes/events interfere with ongoing chronic disease management.

Check with local and national websites for additional information in DSMES programs in your area.


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