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World Diabetes Day: November 14, 2022.

World Diabetes Day is the primary global awareness campaign focusing on all things diabetes. This timely article provides links to websites offering a wide variety of information on all stages/types of diabetes, treatments, complications and much more.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently released the 2022 National Diabetes Statistics Report. This report estimates that more than 130 million adults are living with diabetes or prediabetes in the United States. This report was posted in January 2022.

The American Diabetes Association website provides links to regarding the various types of diabetes, from prediabetes to type 1 and type 2 diabetes as well a gestational diabetes. The site includes links to articles on lifestyle changes, medication therapies, local and national diabetes groups and more.

The International Diabetes Foundation website offer insights and outlook on diabetes worldwide. The website states, "The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is an umbrella organization of over 230 national diabetes associations in 170 countries and territories. It represents the interests of the growing number of people with diabetes and those at risk. The Federation has been leading the global diabetes community since 1950."

Currently, more than 133 million Americans are living with diabetes (37.3 million) or prediabetes (96 million). Early detection and treatment lower the risk of long term complications and allow persons with diabetes to live long, healthy and happy lifestyles.


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