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GlucoTrack- glucose monitoring showcase

“…GlucoTrack is a truly non-invasive glucose monitoring device that provides a quantitative spot level of glucose in about a minute. The device contains 2 parts: Main Unit (MU) and ear clip. All you need to do is place the ear clip onto your earlobe to get the glucose reading. GlucoTrack uses three independent technologies, simultaneously: ultrasonic, electromagnetic and thermal; the three measurements are combined by a unique proprietary algorithm, which calculates the weighted average and returns the user’s glucose level”.

“…GlucoTrack allows you to monitor your glucose level frequently, without finger pricking or any pain. Frequent monitoring is essential for diabetic patients, in order to keep tracking their glucose level, rather than just a sporadic single measurement once a day (or less). By more frequent glucose measurements, the user improves the tracking of his/her glucose trends, which increase the ability to better treat the disease and potentially reduce the risk for complications. GlucoTrack enables you to monitor your glucose levels frequently (virtually unlimited) with no pain or physical discomfort and with no incremental costs.”

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