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Costco Diabetes Store Tour...and much, much more.


This week, on the Health and Humor Show, we did an audio overview of the Costco Diabetes Store Tour pdf (the link to pdf article is provided below). 45 pages/slides long, the document is a wonderful overview not only of the diabetic products offered by Costco, but also a comprehensive look at the vast variety of heathy food options available at Costco Wholesale. The audio interview starts approximately 13 minutes into our show; we hope you enjoy the overview and check out the pdf as well as the several articles listed below, also written on healthy shopping ideas at Costco.

As you can see on my blog, I had the opportunity to also write an article on diabetic products available at Costco. As a first time shopper there, I spent several hours checking out the entire store, aisle by aisle. Although I was focused on reviewing diabetic related supplies ( low carb, low glycemic index foods, glucometers, and more), I was pleasantly surpised to see the enormous variety of foods available to support personal dietary choices ( vegetarian, and vegan diets, for example) as well as medically indicated dietary issues ( gluten free, lactose intolerant, GMO-free, MSG-free and more). Costco stores also have a variety of vitamin and mineral suppliments available, further ensuring a healthy diet is within reach.

As the store tour pdf outlines, the importance of nutritional label reading is paramount. Know your serving sizes, as well as calorie and carbohydrate content. Store staff, including an onite pharmacy department , were quite willing to assist customers with everything from navigating the store aisles to reading nutrition labels. The shopping experience was a delightful way to learn more about my local Costco and how the store can help me improve my health and well being. I hope our audio review of the store tour, the pdf link, and the numerous articles listed below, do the same for you.

For any additional questions, visit your local Costco store. Check out their website,, for the store nearest you, and happy shopping.

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Our most recent list of health care professionals writing articles about shopping healthy at Costco:

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