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May is Stroke Awareness Month: FAST

May is stroke awareness month. Rapid identification and emergency care of a person possibly experiencing a stroke lessens the risk of long term complications, including disability. Every 40 seconds, it is believed that a person suffers a stroke.

The acronym FAST is a great way to quickly identify the early signs and symptoms of a stroke.

F is for face, as in facial asymmetry, such as a lopsided smile or a one sided facial droop.

A is for arm, as in one sided arm weakness ( difficulty lifting arm, or even a weak one sided hand grip)

S is for speech, in terms of garbled speech or having dificulty speaking.

T is for time of onset of symptoms as well as its time to call 9111 for emergency care and transport to the nearest hospital.

For more information, please check out the American Stroke Association website at


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