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Diabetes Self Management Education and Support


DSMES, or Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support, is the gold standard when it comes to patient education on the chronic medical condition diabetes mellitus. The goal of this education is to educate and empower the patient to successfully manage their medical condition, in efforts to lower the risk of long term, life time complications. DSMES is considered an ongoing process, and is recognized as an integral part of patient education at various critical points in their lifetime:

  • At time of initial diagnosis

  • During all patient medical appointments and routine follow-up care

  • At time of onset for newly diagnosed complications

  • Anytime patient expresses concern over current diabetic management challenges



DSMES classes include the following topics:

  •       Diabetes disease process

  •       Healthy eating

  •      Physical activity

  •       Medication usage

  •       Blood glucose monitoring and management

  •       Prevention of complications

  •       Healthy coping strategies

  •       Sick day management

  • Problem Solving


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