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Introduction to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Having recently tapped into this value resource to help a friend navigate this specialized health care, I would like to make others aware of these services.

Their website is

They are a wealth of information, including BUT NOT limited to the following:

  • Patient Services Case Manager for up-to-date information about pancreatic cancer, clinical trial searches, personalized medicine and support resources

  • Educational materials for your medical practice ( specific to medical professionals)

  • Legislative and advocacy activities

  • Research and clinical trials information

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Media and Press release information

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Online store

Please visit their website; check out the sections mentioned above, and join forces to better the early diagnosis and treatment of this cancer.

Additional contact information:

1500 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 200

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Phone: 310-725-0025

Toll free: 877-573-9971

Fax: 310-725-0029



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