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Divoti Medical Jewelry and Accessories (guest blog)

From medical ID bracelets and alert necklaces, to tags, charms and much more, Divoti offers a large variety of medical jewelry and accessories. Check out their guest blog as follows:

How conventional medical IDs prevail over digital alternatives.

Conventional medical IDs have obvious advantages over digital

alternatives for reliable and immediate access to your critical information. For

example, they don't require power and constant system updates to access

records like any digital devices.

This means that in the event of an emergency, a standard medical ID can

be simple, direct, reliable and effective solution for any medical emergency rather

than relying on a lot of what-ifs with any online databases or applications.

Compare that to options such as USB medical device or phone

applications that may be impossible to access during an emergency situation as

USBs cannot be used with hospital computers due to potential virus threats and

phone applications as well as QR codes rely too heavily on the proper functions

of the internet. A few of the annual web attacks still affect our daily lives. These

extra obstacles may cost lives.

Advanced technology does provide some indispensable add-on features to

conventional medical IDs like real-time location tracking and active emergency

alert. In the event of a major medical emergency, custom engraved medical IDs

are still the primary and foremost solution.

Overall, conventional medical IDs are a great option if you're looking for a

reliable way to store and share information about your health — and they don't

require any added effort or technology.

With such clear benefits, it's no surprise that these timeless designs have been

the go-to choice for many over the years.

Please note: This content should not be used as medical advice. It is intended

solely to provide sensible information about conventional medical IDs. Please

contact a qualified healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns

about your health or the safety of your medical information. Thank you.

For more information about Divoti ( and to sign up for their newsletter), head on over to their website


7630 Miramar Road, Suite 2400

San Diego, CA 92126


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